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The Sarajevo Chamber Music Festival is entirely funded by the generosity of patrons and foundations from the private sector. We give all our concerts to the people of Sarajevo free of charge and only ask a modest amount from our students who pay as they are capable. However our costs are very high with international airfares and hotels leaving only a small amount for artist fees and administrative costs.

   We are a grass roots organization that exists by the kindness and generosity of people like yourself. We thank you in advance for all the help you are able to give.

    Please know that your contribution:

  1. supports live, world class chamber music performance in Sarajevo.

  2. enables music students of the Balkans to participate in our rigorous program of chamber music immersion.

  3. energizes the Music Academy of Sarajevo by providing international attention and support, illuminating its needs.

  4. provides hope for the young musicians of Bosnia of a viable future in music.

  5. demonstrates your belief in the power of music to unite all people in the cooperative creation of beauty.